Now this is how you give a girl flowers…

I may be one of a few women whose favorite flower is not the rose.  No rose perfume, candles, lotion or any other rose-scented…stuff.  Give me sunflowers in a beautiful vase any day and I’m a happy lady (hint hint to my boyfriend).

There is one way I’ll take roses…on baked goods of course!  Since roses are a great flower choice for Valentine’s Day I decided to make strawberry cupcakes topped with roses in various colors.  Any girl would love to have these since (according to my last post) sweets are required, mandatory, okay to savor on Valentine’s Day.  So what do you think?

One last thing: I’ve found that from-scratch strawberry cake recipes are tough to find so if anyone has a good one to share I’ll give it a try.

About Sweet Cakes

Sweets Cakes is a custom cake, cupcake and cookie business in Dallas. We serve the North Texas area so contact us if you're interested in 'sweet' treats for any occasion!
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