Old School Edition: Mardi Gras

Currently, I’m cleaning up my food photo folders (say that three times fast) and I came across some of my earlier misshaps creations from culinary school.  Since Mardi Gras is alive and kicking in New Orleans I decided to focus on that theme.  I’m going old school — okay three years ago old school — and featuring a chocolate showpiece I created for our culinary school chocolate competition.  The theme was Rio Carnival, and yes, I know that’s not exactly Mardi Gras, but it’s sort of the same concept, but in another country and with no beads for…well, you know.

They only awarded a first place prize for the sculptures and that prize wasn’t awarded to me (the story of my culinary competition life), but I have convinced myself that I came in second (don’t judge me).  When they announced the winner my reaction was gracious, but inside I was karate kicking that first place showpiece!  I kid, I kid…but not really.  🙂

Chocolate showpiece

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