Flip Flops

Since it’s summer I’ve been wanting to make a flip flop cake and I finally had the chance to this weekend.  The cake was for a girl who turned six and her party theme was summer/flip flops. 

One of the flip flops was chocolate filled with vanilla buttercream and caramel; and the other was vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream and strawberry sauce. 

I just love using bright, bold colors so I was excited to work on this cake!  I also made cookies to go along with it. 



About Sweet Cakes

Sweets Cakes is a custom cake, cupcake and cookie business in Dallas. We serve the North Texas area so contact us if you're interested in 'sweet' treats for any occasion!
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2 Responses to Flip Flops

  1. Michael says:

    That looks amazing good job Chree.

  2. elisse says:

    Love the flip flop cake !! you are so talented !! that cookies you make are incredable !

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