About Sweet Cakes

Sweet Cakes is a custom pastry shop designed to offer ‘unique to you’ cakes, cupcakes and cookies for any occasion.  A student of patisserie and baking, owner and designer Chree Carr creates pastries that are not only delicious, but are artistically elegant.   From working on large weddings to small parties, Sweet Cakes provides in-depth customer service by collaborating with each client to create memorable, edible works of art.  This customer-focused approach results in one-of-a-kind pastries that commemorate timeless celebrations. 

About Chree

Chree’s love of creativity and her Southern baking roots was the catalyst for Sweet Cakes. After graduating from the University of North Texas Chree worked in public relations, but soon after, left the corporate world, headed to Austin and studied patisserie and baking at Texas Culinary Academy.  It was at TCA that her passion for ‘all things cake’ was fueled so she decided to put her baking roots, European-style patisserie techniques and creative flair to use in the world of cakes. 

During her time at school Chree learned the basics of cake decorating under the Becky Nichols, owner of Bountiful Bakery and Café in Austin who help her to undestand the business of food.  She honed her skills under Paloma Efron of Coco Paloma Desserts in the heart of Austin, who taught her the importance of keeping with the client’s vision by paying attention to detail and mastering new and old techniques. 

Soon after Chree moved back to Dallas and in 2011 started Sweet Cakes, which focuses on creating cakes, cupcakes and cookies that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but delectable to eat.  At Sweet Cakes, Chree prides herself on creating one-of-a-kind treats that articulate the client’s vision and captures unforgettable events through ‘sweets.’ 


2 Responses to About

  1. Tedrick Wright says:

    I’m excited to see this, and your logo looks great. I’m such a horrible bro. I should help more, but I’m working like a slave! We must catch up. Things look like they are coming together for you! CONGRATS!!!

  2. Murlene Carr says:

    Hello Chree, I like your design with the cakes ,it good to know that someone can cook and design beautiful cakes.Congrats on your dream and sucess. Love You

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